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Power Rangers Megaforce

Power Rangers Megaforce: Swappz Megabrawl for iOS and Android is a 3D brawler, the latest entry in the smash hit Power Rangers franchise. AC+A wrote the initial game design document and provided design leadership to Swappz staff. » Read More

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Snoopy’s Candy Town

We conducted a design audit for Beeline’s Snoopy’s Candy Town (iOS), focusing on gameplay, tutorials and narrative. In addition to Snoopy, we’ve worked with Beeline on several other hit franchises – Ghostbusters and Smurfs. » Read More

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Swappz: Mutant Rumble

Mutant Rumble is the latest entry in the smash hit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. AC+A wrote the initial game design document for the project and provided design leadership to Swappz staff. » Read More

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Sushi Mushi

We conducted a design audit for Aspyr Media’s iPhone Match 3 puzzle game Sushi Mushi, focusing on Monetization and Virality. » Read More

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Cubis Creatures

We evaluated the design of Freshgames’ latest entry in their hit Cubis puzzle game series, Cubis Creatures (iPhone) focusing on game mechanics, monetization, UI, and more. » Read More

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Don't take it from us. Here's what people are saying.

  • “Adrian has come to the rescue for me as a senior design & production consultant at 3 different companies now. He is a master collaborator, and will embed directly with the team. He’s also the right guy to put in front of top industry execs to pitch, brainstorm, or suss out a project’s milestone plan, product goals, or design strategy.”

    Michael Waite, Executive Producer, Zynga
  • “Beyond being a fantastic collaborator, Adrian’s confidence and experience also make him a strong leader and a confident presenter. I’ve never hesitated to put him in front of clients, and have always felt much more comfortable, knowing that he was involved with a project.”

    Frank Sanni, EVP & Director of Creative Integration, Arnold WorldWide
  • “Adrian is a talented and creative game designer with an amazing attitude, and he consistently delivered great results on-time. He’s the first person I’ll call if I need an experienced game designer to support our team or our project.”

    Gary Gettys, Executive Producer, Zynga
  • “I had the opportunity to work with Adrian for over a year on the Panasonic Jungle project. I was always impressed with how willing he was to roll up his sleeves and get things done. He did everything from business development, market research, product management, and producing.”

    Chris Lavin, Sr. Marketing Manager, Panasonic
  • “I can’t imagine where we’d be without Adrian Crook. We’ve found his clarity and candor to be refreshing and invaluable no matter in what phase of the project he’s involved. He is also incredibly connected and has a deep list of all star talent to call upon should the need arise.”

    Kerry Choe, Project Manager, Binary Event Network

Latest Posts

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 by Adrian Crook

Commercial Game Success with ‘Gacha’ or Random Drop Mechanics

Pocket Gamer’s Mobile Mavens panel is a group of industry experts who discuss the hot topics of the mobile games industry on a weekly basis.

This week, they were asked about the growing influence of Card-Collection Games (CCGs). Our very own Wes Leviton weighs in.

[One key element on card-collection games' commercial success is their 'gacha' or random drop mechanics; something addressed by Wes.]

Before determining if Gacha mechanics have the potential to reach a mass market casual audience it’s important to understand why Gacha mechanics are so successful in creating the astronomical ARPPU numbers that they’re known for.

While there are a number of factors contributing to their success, two factors in particular really stand out:

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Friday, September 26th, 2014 by Adrian Crook

Why Wayward Souls’ $1 price increase per update is driving sales

midswingIn a mobile games market saturated with premium and freemium business models, we are constantly on the lookout for alternate and emerging payment structures. Wayward Souls, the newest release from RocketCat Games, is a notable example. The developers released the game with an initial price of $4.99, and then spurred purchases by promising to raise the cost of the game over time – and making good on that promise! How does RocketCat Games manage to pull this off without angering potential players?

RocketCat Games has released six mobile games to date. Their mixture of premium (pay to play) and freemium (free to play) games, all offering in-app purchases at a variety of price points, demonstrates their willingness to experiment with payment models. Wayward Souls, the studio’s most ambitious game yet, is described on RocketCat Game’s website as a permadeath action-adventure game with six playable characters and randomly generated levels. Reviewers praise its resemblance to the roguelike genre, while replacing turn-based gameplay with fluid controls and tactical combat.

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Thursday, September 18th, 2014 by Adrian Crook

4 Ways Android Makes Me A More Innovative Game Designer

During an on-site meeting this morning, a client looked at my Galaxy S5 and asked me why I’m an Android guy.

Now, up until last year I was an iPhone fan and (aside from a brief flirtation with a Galaxy S2 a few years ago) I’d been a devoted user ever since the launch of the original iPhone.

Even when I switched to a Galaxy S4 in the summer of 2013, it was primarily just to learn about the Android ecosystem first-hand. As a freemium game consultant, it seemed foolhardy to confine myself to one OS.

Moreover, companies like Kiwi (a client of ours) were building businesses entirely around an Android-first approach, making it imperative that our consultancy understand the platform.

So what did I give my client as the most important reason I’m an Android guy and won’t be going back?

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