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What is a Teardown?

At all major game developers, product managers regularly produce teardowns. A teardown is an in-depth analysis of a competitor’s product, designed to highlight what can be learned. Product managers then pass these teardowns on to their internal development teams to help them make better products.

The industry term for this analysis is Teardown, and if you’ve never heard that before, it’s because the information Teardowns contain is so valuable that they are rarely shared publicly.

Teardown Club is the steady stream of leading edge competitor analysis that your product management and design teams need to make profitable games.

What does a Teardown contain?

A teardown is usually delivered in PowerPoint format and contains the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Monetization Features/Economy Breakdown
  • Context/Background/Genre Competitors
  • Retention/Compulsion Loop Breakdown
  • Core Loop Analysis
  • Viral Loops Analysis (if applicable)
  • First Time User Experience (FTUE) Overview
  • Summary with Key Takeaways

A teardown is laser-targeted to divining the valuable lessons from a product. Everything from the latest retention mechanisms to the highest converting monetization implementations - and beyond.

Large publishers have entire worldwide product management groups whose job is to produce teardowns and share this knowledge with their worldwide studios, ensuring their products beat the market.

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Why Join Teardown Club?

Teardowns are always a valuable way to gain key insights, check out the latest product management tricks, and stay competitive. AC+A's teardowns go above and beyond.

Dan Nord
Sr. Director of Product Management at Electronic Arts Mobile

Teardown Club delivers cutting edge game design and product management expertise I can integrate directly into our products.

Jeremy Fourteau
Director of Product Management at Electronic Arts

Sales data is one thing, but actionable, qualitative in-depth research into today's leading games can only come from teardowns. Teardown Club is the only third party way to get this competitive advantage regularly - and well worth it.

Jimmy Gendron
VP Mobile Publishing, Behaviour Interactive

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